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New England Lullaby

On the sunny side of heaven lies a peaceful little town
A quaint New England village where I long to settle down
To rest beneath the starlight
The crisp December sky
To hear it serenade me
New England’s lullaby

I’ll breathe the fragrant blossoms
An elegant bouquet
Witness God in all his glory
Turn nighttime into day
A simple song of gladness I’m sure will harmonize
With gentle peals of church bells
New England’s Lullaby

The apple and the maple with satisfaction grow
Evening thru the darkness
The fire softly glows
Hues of amber stillness
The embers slowly die
Moonlight ushers dreams in
New England’s Lullaby

Tomorrow I awaken
Tomorrow I will know
I can gaze upon my future
A mural in the snow
I’ll be certain of my present
I am about my past
Cuz I’ll hear New England’s Lullaby at last

Words by John T. Hagius
Music by Chuck Brown

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