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As you might have noticed from some of the feedback on the Comments page, a lot of folks have expressed an interest in getting their hands on sheet music for my piano pieces. And, despite the fact that it’s been a long time coming, a bit of hope is on the horizon.

My record label in Taiwan had put together a songbook of 14 of my piano pieces, which was available for about 10 years, but now appears to be out of print.

There is a score you can download for free available now of the song Your Good Pleasure (from the album Incandescence). It’s available here (on the site of my collaborator on the song, Larry Holder). However, it is the piano accompaniment for vocal performance of the song…not exactly the same as the solo piano performance from the album.

A fan named Jackie contacted me recently to inquire about sheet music for Majoring in the Minors. I didn’t have it, but I found someone to create it for me at a reasonable cost…so I’m making it available for download right here.

More recently, someone contacted me about sheet music for Nightfall in Pamplona, which has been a long-time favorite. Again, I didn’t have it available…so I hired someone to do this one as well. And it’s now available for download here.

Finally, there is a melody-and-chords sheet that was published in a songbook some years back of my song What Must They Do For Our Love? It can be downloaded in pdf format here (right-click on the link and Save).

More news to come on this topic at some future date (I hope). Thanks for your interest! 🙂

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