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I’d love to hear your thoughts about my music or the idea behind this web site. Please use the form on the Contact page to send your encouragement, suggestions or constructive criticism. Thanks!

“I grew up with your music. Amber Waves, Dark Matter, Hearts Stronger Than Steel, to name a few, are deeply imbedded into my life. Now, I enjoy Satie, Chopin as much as Tool & Cobain. But you’ll always be special to me. Thank you for existing and creating music.”
– Rishav Majumder

Remind Me To Breathe . . . one of the most beautful pieces ever written.
– Joanne (California)

Thank you for letting me have the chance to download your music. I played it when my 9 month old granddaughter was fighting sleep. Within minutes she fell asleep. And my wife & I also were able to sleep. I gave my son & daughter a copy of the music. Both of them enjoyed it.
– Tommy

I have been meaning to write you for some time but the words needed escapes me, to articulate how much your music means to me and how it has helped me, well there are no known words that I can use at this time to express what I feel. So for the time being these words will have to do. Thank you, thank you and I send all the love I could possibly send to you dear, dear brother. May the Blessings of the Universe continue to flow to and through you.
– Joy (The Bahamas)

Your music is beautiful and inspiring. I took up the keyboard and seriously practice since about August of 2009. Your music is the type I like to play…pleasing to almost all listeners, an easy tempo, and calming in our busy world. Now I need to get to work trying to learn some of your pieces. They offer many good ideas to add to my own composing…
– Roy

my names amir from iran. i am a student and wish to be director one day. i love your music and the piano songs. when i listen to a light piano song my sole starts making love scenes like the ones in cinema paradiso movie(i hope u saw that). i just wanted to say thank u!
– Amir

Im from india, my name is lavanya. when im searching for piano bgms i come across your website. your website is really a wounderful and tracks are nice which are so nice for the music lovers like me. thanks for providing us a good music. May GOD bless you and your family a whole.
– Lavanya

I wanted to say thank you for your beautiful piano music that you so graciously offer to the Universe for download. I’m listening to it as I type. I’m a child and adolescent psychiatrist and am going to listen to this music in my office today while I work. As you said…it is a powerful force, almost inexplicable in it’s power to affect people. I read the notes from the listeners all the way from Asia (Taiwan) and thought what a wonderful illustration that is for what music can do – and the (literally) boundless power that it has to bring people together.
– Peter

Your piano music is wonderful… so relaxing. Thanks for sharing it with the world.
– Francis

I wish to tell to you thanks for music. Listened again and again. Music has touched my soul. I thank you!
– Andrey (Russia)

I just wanted to tell you that your music has been a blessing in my life….It started with “Snow Falling” and now I just can’t stop listening. Thank you.
– Rhonda

Thank you for the free downloads of your healing piano music. My husband is battling brain cancer and he finds your music very soothing and peaceful. Bless you and your family.
– Carolyn and George

I was sent a link to your music by a friend (whom I consider an Angel in her own right) and I must say that God helped her send it at just the right moment. I truly believe that God sends his Angels in whatever form we need at THAT moment in our lives. He has blessed you with a very real gift of being able to reach in and touch the human soul with your music. You, my friend, are also an Angel on a mission. I am so glad that God has seen to it to put Angels in my life’s path over the years because I do not know what I would have done otherwise. Only He knows what in’s a person’s heart, regardless of what outward appearance they show. Thank you dear Sir, for your blessed music. Thank you for allowing God to use you in a way only He and you understand. May you continue to be blessed. You’re in my prayers.
– Cheryl

Your Music is wonderful and great. I Dream when i hear your Music i like it so much. I wish you and your Family all the best. Greetings from Switzerland.
– Meli

Thank you so much to give us something so beautiful like “remind me to breathe” A big fan from Spain.
– Patxon

Just to say thank you…so much!! I don’t believe in the God of the Bible but I believe in the God that lives in you! A healing God!! Thanks for your light…Beautiful music… Thank you for your offer, that’s so generous of you…
– Madalena (Portugal)

I listened to your tracks and really enjoyed them, especially “Remind Me To Breathe” and “Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid”. SO lovely!
– Kathryn

Your music is stunningly beautiful.
– Sara (Tennessee)

dear Chuck Brown teacher: I love your new age piano music forever. I found your website from “google Search”. my name is chen. I am your new age pure piano music fans Forever.
– Chen

I am one of your many fans of your beautiful music. I really get inspired by your music. My favorite one is “I Am Me”. Of course i am one of those who listen to your music and who plays the piano himself too…keep composing that great music of yours!
– Julien

Thank you for the wonderful piano solos. It’s great!!! So relaxing to hear and very nice for healing. Please keep me updated. thanks! GOD SPEED!!!
– Mark Joseph

“My name is Hayley and I live in South Africa. Ive been through “very” tough times this year, and today came across your site. Wow! I have been in tears since playing your first song Amber Waves of grain. I forgot with everything going on this year, that Jesus still loves me. It felt like He had left me alone to fight all the battles Ive had to face. Thank you for letting Father share that He hasnt as I listened to your songs. I never did to learn to play the piano and my heart yearns to learn it so. God has truly annointed you to bring hope to those who are in pain, and healing through the masters hands as he uses yours. I found such release from so much that I have been carrying this year from just listening. May Jesus truly bless you for your obedience to the call on your life. Thanks you so much for being such a blessing.”
– Hayley

“Thank you sir, for the blessing of your beautiful music.”
– Sheri

“I listened to your piano solo ‘remind me to breathe’ and it brought tears to my eyes. (hard for a guy to admit that)”
– Joel

“Hi! I just found your music on whisperings. I lovelovelove your music!!! i really do. I’m actually working on the same type of music and i find you the perfect person to look up to for this.:) “
– Darnesha

“Thank you for your gracious gift of love through your music. I work with Alzheimer’s patients and the soothing sounds you’ve enabled me to give to them is not only extremly therapuetic, but truly a gateway to the soul. Your music has given a greater gift than you could know. Peace and tranquility is a rarity amongst my friends at Emmanuel. Thank you!!!”
– Jessica

“Thanks I needed that!”
– Steven

“I discovered your music on “free solo music” web site. Congratulations, Beautiful! Do I have a chance to find midi files of these musics on the web? Thanks a lot.”
– Bernard

“Do you have actual cd’s that we can purchase? If so tell me how I can order them. Your piano music is beautiful.”
– Becky

“I love your music, Chuck. Where can I purchase your CD’s? Are they still available? Thank you! (I’m looking forward to the sheet music, too.)”
– Debbie

“I am writting you because my family is your fan, especially my 8 years old daughter. She is playing piano for three years and asking me if I can find the sheet music of her faviroite song “Stone Heart”. After searching the local saler as well as the web, unfortunatly I can not find any publisher offer that. So I am wondering if you know any publisher who sale that ? Although I am just one of your fan who live in a different country, but I am realy appreciate the music you created which acctualy links the heart between my daughter and myself…”
– Shyh-Shin (Taiwan)

“Thanks for the beautiful songs provided, I have nothing but prayer for you and your family. God bless you!”
– Roberth

“I just wanted to share some good news with you. My older sister underwent brain surgery on Monday to remove a tumour. Had it not been removed she would have died slowly as it would have caused parts of her brain to die off as it grew its “roots” into her brain. This would have meant her becoming a vegetable slowly but surely. A death sentence which Doctors would have not been able to do anything about. I gave her your website details last week and she said she could just feel the presence of God with her and strengthening her and encouraging her that it was going to be okay. People have said she doesnt even look like she has had surgery. Praise God they were able to remove “all” of the tumour. God has been so faithful and your music has been so comforting to us all in this time. Once again thank you.”
– Hayley

“I even didn’t know that I like piano music…”
– Artur

“I’m in the midst of a 2-hour round trip to pick up a friend for a funeral, and your CD Incandescence is the only thing that’s keeping me calm…it’s just so comforting right now. I just wanted to thank you for being such a great composer. I appreciate you more than you could know.”
– Lynn

“I teach emotionally disturbed and behaviorally disordered high schoolers. The power of your music I downloaded from Healing Piano has an almost magical effect on my students. I’ve bought countless classical CD’s, but I can put on one of these when I sense their tension rising and a peace comes over them, anger dissipates and the most hyperactive and attention deficit of them all are just…calm. I thank you.”
– Jamie

“The other day I had to run my wife to the emergency room due to extreme vertigo. She had to stay overnight so I went back to the house to get her things, including a cd player & some disks. The one she liked the best & found most soothing was “unadorned”.”
– Kevin

“I recently heard your music and fell in love with Nightfall in Pamplona. I was wondering if you had any sheet music available for either free (preferred of course!) or for sale.”
– An interested fan

“I started the Incandescence CD in the car on the way home. I enjoyed it so much that I look the long way home…”
– Cynthia

“I just wanted you to know how very much I enjoy your free piano solos….. I listen to it whenever I’m on the computer. I sent it to everyone in my address book – we may not all be hurting right this minute = but don’t we all hurt? Thanks again !!”
– Pebble

“Your ministry in music is a real blessing. I have a friend who transcribes music and may be able to help you out. I will contact him and get him to listen to your site and then he can make contact with you himself. But once again, it has been a blessing being on your site.”
– Scott

“I am form Malaysia. I can reach to your website because one of my friend send the email of Rose Garden and the back ground music make me to be impressed and I found out your website beneath that e card. I like to listen your beautiful song with piano music. Thanks for the wonderful songs that brighten my day. I will order that for my listening pleasure later on. Thanks God for such a person like you.”
– Saw

“Hello Mr. Brown. I downloaded the 10 songs on your page! How beatifull 🙂 I want more songs of you, and download on my pc. But do you have any more songs?”
– Marlies (From Holland)

“How can I find your album in the mainland of China? And when will you release your next album? I am from China, I am not very good at English, sorry. I want to hear from you soon. Best Regards.”
– Daisy

“Hello Mr Brown! I’ve found youre site and I love it!! The way you write and play youre songs is just great! When i listen to youre songs, I can feel the love in the songs and they way you wrote them! I’d like to play this songs for other people, so they can also find a way to believe in Jesus. All the songs are about love and serving and that is very good! Do you have any sheet music?? thank you for all!! bye bye”
– Jonathan (from The Netherlands)

“Hi, i am ur fans from Taiwan. i like ur ablum very much.i have a question that where can i get the music score of this ablum? sorry to bother u.”
– Sonia

“Thank You for jarring my memory as to where I had found the link to your site! I had stumbled across your site one evening and listened to a few tracks and have them stored on the hard drive. I have listened to Remind Me to Breathe repeatedly (Absolutely Beautiful!) but could not remember where I had found it. I’m going to your site right now to purchase the album before I forget again. ;~)
– Dave

“On March 3, 2004 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I have not taken a breath because at that moment of diagnosis I gave everything to God and trusted Him. I began to journal, take pictures along the way, trying to stay strong for my husband and family so they won’t worry, share with others who were diagnosed and needed to be uplifted. I was told that others could see that I was a strong woman of faith. I am! I thank God for that! I know that God has ALL POWER in His hands! He controls my coming in and my going out, NOT MAN! I rested in knowing that God would bring me through my chemotherapy sessions,surgery and radiation. On Sunday, March 28, 2004 I could not move. I am one of our church musicians but could not make it to church. I am a teacher and needed to be at work, but wasn’t feeling good and could not go to work that Monday. I tried, but had to come home. My body was talking to me but I had not listened for a while. Simply because, I needed to be “reminded to breathe.” My husband sent me a card from The Perfect Greeting that played your music in the background. I pulled up your site, played your song “Remember to Breathe” and closed my eyes. I became more in tune to my body, listened and called my doctor. I know God will bring me through all of this, but I MUST “REMEMBER TO BREATHE!” THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS!”
– Ernestine

“I want to thank you for offering such beautiful music. I love to listen to piano music. I think music played on a piano is the most beautiful music ever. I so wish I had the talent to play one. The music has so much meaning to it even though there are no words. These 10 songs bring me such contentment and comfort. I could listen to it for hours and never tire of it. Thanks again. I will continue to visit healing again and again.”
– Phyllis

“your music is very beautiful and gives peace to the soul. I am a biochemist in a clinical laboratory, I’ve downloaded 4 of your songs and will play them as to feel our work more significant. Thank you.”
– Sonia
(update) “last week I told you I would play your music in my biochemistry lab in Rosario, Argentina. Now I have to tell you that everyone who enters, patients, secretaries, other doctors, they all say spontaneously, “what a lovely and soothing music!” I thought it was important for you to knoow, that so far away, your beautiful music is making a difference, not only in my life, but in all those people too. And I thank you for your page in the internet.”

“I’m sure you probably get this a lot, but you’re music is absolutely beautiful. Words cannot express how the pieces make me feel. Just thought I’d say that. Keep up the amazing work!”
– Andrew

“Just wanted to say thank you for the Healing Piano website & music. I’m struggling with a disease at this time and I’m so grateful for the beautiful healing music, and the spirit that it is written in. “OH MIGHTY GOD, IN WHOM WE MOVE AND HAVE OUR BEING, I THANK YOU FOR CHUCK BROWN AND THE GIFT HE SHARES…”
– April

“Your music is really nice, and you are right about comforting and healing. I was wondering if you had scores for “The value of Life” because I would like to play the music on my piano. Thanks and keep on composing!”
– Til

“This music is just what I was looking for to cheer up a friend who has been very ill.”
– Carolyn

“I love the music you offer free! I was wondering if the cds ‘unadorned’ and ‘breathe’ were avaliable in new zealand, and/or if there was any sheet music, i really want to be able to play some of the pieces.”
– Lauren

“I love your music, I would like to have sheet music of some of it to play for church specials, and when i play at funerals. How can i obtain the sheet music?”
– Lisa

“I’ve enjoyed hearing you play. It is very soothing and relaxing and your sound is very beautiful. I’ve had a tough time since my surgery and my Mother has lost her Mother in death this year and her Father is on his death bed. This music is very comforting right now. Thanks so much.”
– Jul

“Thank you Chuck. You have a rare gift. Thanks for sharing and cheering me up today. Like the sun breaking through a cloudy sky, your music brought me a warm feeling today.”
– Jim

“Thanks for sharing your beautiful music. It is just what I needed today to help me find some peace during my time of loss of my life partner. God Bless You!”
– Jenn L.

“Creed/Lead On–Wow, what a beautiful song! I found your site from Do you have sheet music? Thanks again.”
– Jan T.

“Your music…wow. What a gift… beyond words…thank you for your talent and for sharing it so selflessly, Chuck. I know heartfelt … and your work communicates just that. It soothes me and also makes me very nostalgic… a sweet sadness.”
– Lourdes

“your music is definitely healing..i wish i had learnt about this website a long time ago..thanks much”
– Lalgudi

“I want to thank you for offering such beautiful music. I love to listen to piano music. I think music played on a piano is the most beautiful music ever. I so wish I had the talent to play one. The music has so much meaning to it even though there are no words. These 10 song bring me such contentment and comfort. I could listen to it for hours and never tire of it. Thanks again. I will continue to visit healing piano .com again and again.”
– Phyllis

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