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As a Christian, my life is deeply informed by my faith. And it only makes sense that it would impact my songwriting as well. I’ve written scads of songs from a Christian perspective aimed both at those who are still searching, and those who have adopted the role of Christ-follower.

In early 2017, I released a solo album called Paint My Life, songs of worship and praise, devotion and surrender. It’s a musical exploration of different themes that comprise the Christian life. Here are a few songs to listen to or download for free.

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I had the opportunity in the Nineties to record an album consisting of some of my originals, along with a few other songs written by others that I hoped would be heard by a wider audience. The record label engaged Neal Havener (Oswald and the Herringbones, Go Robot Go!) to produce. We pulled in some of Central Ohio’s top talent as players and singers, and ended up with a very special effort called The Grace Project. Below are some free song downloads from the album. Enjoy! 😉

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