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Here are reviews of my kids albums from magazines and web sites, plus some comments from fans:

“the kids really love “Yellowberry Jam” – we have been singing it quite a bit this last week.”

“I gotta tell you: Yellowberry Jam is one of the catchiest songs I’ve ever heard! That’s really neat!!! :)”

“Thanks so much for making a wonderful album! We homeschool and I like to keep ‘kid music’ going in the background to make sure that what we are listening to is wholesome and not filled with news of shootings, bombings and doom & gloom. If I had to listen to any more renditions of the same tune using different words I was going to loose my mind. Keep the great music coming, the lyrics are catchy, the music is upbeat and the vocals are clear. Great Job!”
Little Falls, NY

“I am a 39 year old Beaver scout leader from Portsmouth Hampshire, ENGLAND. I came across your site while looking up things to print for a group project. I hope you get this mail and send a comment back as I have been humming about “yellowberry jam” for a week. My nine and ten year old kids are going to delete it off the computer if I keep on playing it. I also love “waterslide”. Your music has caused a total division in my family, my husband aged 43 and I aged 39 like it loads and the kids don’t. My ten year old boy is a metal freak and the 9 year old daughter is a dance and rave fan. I haven’t had this much fun with anything since I looked after the school tarantula and it got “loose”. I have always liked your style of music, but what puts the tin lid on it for me is the subject matter. It is great.”
Mary G

My kids this year love that CD…“Yellowberry Jam” by Chuck Brown. They love to get up and dance to it!
First grade teacher in Vermont

“Ohio pianist and former kids’ radio show host Chuck Brown enters the music scene for children with 13 original songs, accompanied by guitar, acoustic slide guitar, keyboards and drums. The musical styles include bluegrass, calypso, Latin, swing jazz, rhythm & blues, and several varieties of pop. A child’s mom puts “Yellowberry Jam” on everything to help him eat foods he doesn’t like much. A traveler decides he doesn’t like the “Galapagos” and will go elsewhere for his next vacation. The great fun of a “Water Slide” is extolled in surfer pop style a la the Beach Boys. When “Tya Tore a Tortilla”, mayhem ensues at a Mexican restaurant. “Inside These Pages” will please librarians as the song promotes the magic of books.
Other songs include “Bubblehead” (about washing hair), “Coleoptera” (the fun of beetles), “The Perfect Food”, “Giant Tickle Feather”, “Time-Out Blues”, and “I’ve Got the Power” (the power of a smile).
Brown’s evangelical Christian beliefs are expressed in “God Made Hugs” and “God Looks at the Heart”. He has a wonderful deep bass voice, and the instruments are professionally played with verve and style. Brown’s aim was to present songs that do not condescend to children, but rather give them room to grow; and his mostly bouncy, mostly upbeat songs have accomplished this goal.”
Beverly Bixler, San Antonio Public Library, TX
in the May, 2002 School Library Journal

“Most Children’s music…is pretty bubble gum, where you get so-so music and mundane lyrics that serve to irritate the parents much to the delight of the children. Chuck Brown is the exception to the rule as you can see he made a concerted effort to make a fun, yet not meaningless album…He simply is one of the best song writers out there and not enough people know that yet…After the second song, most will note that there are tons of references to places and foods which lead to inquisitive questions from kids to the parents, tempting you to turn off the CD, but I doubt your children will let you…You have to respect the way that Chuck intricately links the song order with God, learning and joy! It’s not a simple thing to write catchy songs, sing, produce, promote and then perform a children’s CD, and anyone involved in the growth of our children needs our prayers and financial support. Kids are a blessing and so is Yellowberry Jam.”
Paul Gentry
Christian Music Content Association

“Your CD has made my kids’ world. They ask for it now…it’s so cute! You are the best. My husband and I just walk thru the day singing “Yellowberry Jam”. This stuff is amazing!”
Cindy Lentol (Boston, MS)

“Chuck Brown has recorded three CDs of piano-based music, but ventures into new and fun territory with a group of friends affectionately called The Chuckleberries on Yellowberry Jam, a collection of catchy and silly songs for kids that, as he puts it, fills the gap between Barney and Britney.”
Jim Fischer
This Week

“Chuck Brown has created this very adventurous album targeted primarily toward Preschool thru Grade 2 and the quality and sophistication of the material makes “kids music” much more palatable to older siblings and parents. Chuck’s lyrics don’t “talk down” to kids and challenge their knowledge and imagination.
The music is fun and entertaining encompassing many genres. Chuck Brown says of his first attempt at children’s music “By age 4-5, kids are often moving away from Barney and Sesame St. But where do they go next? There are few options other than teen pop. This album is my first attempt to help fill the gap”.
If you’re looking for something with great melodies and age-appropriate music for your young one then give Chuck’s “Yellowberry Jam” a try. Expect a high standard of music and witty lyrics.”
Carole Galvan

“…an eclectic mix of fun and informational songs geared toward children in the preschool to second-grade age category…”
Sunbury News

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