Free Song Downloads

As a way of saying thanks for your interest, we’d like to invite you to download some of our most popular songs FREE (including one that’s never been released on an album!) 😉

What you’re permitted to do with these free downloads:

  • download them and listen to them on your computer
  • download them and put them on your MP3 player
  • download them and burn them onto a personal CD
  • play them on broadcast, satellite or internet radio programs

Here’s what you’re NOT allowed to do with them:

  • post them to another web site or download service
  • make copies and sell them
  • use them behind media presentations like video clips (without our express permission)

We hope you enjoy them. If you do, tell a friend, and maybe take a moment to visit our Contact page and send us a quick note. We’ll be posting some of the feedback on our Comments page.


  • TO PREVIEW ALL THE SONGS: Click the Play button at the top of the audio player
  • TO PREVIEW INDIVIDUAL SONGS: Click on the track name
  • TO DOWNLOAD: Hover over the symbol with the downward arrow to the right of the song title. Then right-click and Save As to download to your computer



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