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Cult Of Celebrity

How we love it
That 15-minute buzz
Can’t explain it
“Well, it’s just, y’see, because…
But did you hear who got locked up again?”

Yeah, she wore it
What’s worse…on Oscar night
Yeah, he swore it
There was no nasty fight
Their agent’s sayin’ ‘Someday soon…’
But when?
Can’t wait ’til then!

We all put our pants on
One leg at a time
And someday we’ll all hit the grave
So, go on…get in line
I’m cuttin’ up my member card
And gettin’ myself free
From the cult of celebrity

They’re extinct now
The mystic and the sage
How we trash it
The wisdom born of age
Much more satisfied with our own rules
Yeah, we crave it
So curvy, yet so thin
How we worship
That 20-year-old skin
This pirate ship loves sparkle more than jewels
A ship of fools


Maybe we’re made for somethin’ better
Maybe for somethin’ worth a damn
I’ve thought it through
I’m pretty sure I am…


Words & music by Chuck Brown
Waters Fine Music (BMI)

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