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The World’s Biggest Fool

Well you say that we are through
That there’s nothing I can do
You’ve found another man
And you’re gonna leave
But darlin’ before you go
There’s one thing I want to know
Tell me the truth, just this once
Did you ever really love me

I must be the world’s biggest fool
To have ever believed in you
I thought forever meant forever
When I guess it only meant a while
Now you say you’re leaving me
Soon everyone will see
I’m the world’s biggest fool

I’ll pretend that I’m OK
That I’m better off this way
Now that the girl I love
Loves another guy
I’ll try to stand up straight
I’ll put on a happy face
But it will be just an act
Cause baby even fools can cry

Well I’ve been hurt before
But this one hurts a whole lot more
I don’t know if I’ll make it through
No this ain’t my first heartbreak
It’s just more than I can take
It’s killing me to be a fool for you


Soon everyone will see
I’m the world’s biggest fool

Copyright 1999
Kent Newsome & Chuck Brown
All Rights Reserved

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