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The Older The Fiddle, The Sweeter The Tune

She was fifteen
And he was two more
They tried to get close
But their folks closed the door
They tried costume kissin’ on Halloween
But they lived in the smallest town you’ve ever seen

So she wrote him a note
Askin’ if he could wait
And as soon as she could
She would come runnin’ straight
To the arms of the boy
She’d dreamed of at night
And then at the end
This poem framed in white:

The older the fiddle
The sweeter the tune
If we wait for awhile
We’ll be singing it soon
If we’re meant for each other
Then true love will bloom
Cuz the older the fiddle
The sweeter the tune

Well, I hate it when folks say
“I told you so”
So I won’t be sayin’ it
I’ll just let go
And as for the girl
She’s the woman I love
And wiser than anyone I can think of

To all those who told us
Ten years in the past
That we were too young
That it just wouldn’t last
And to all the young lovers
When time’s standin’ still:
Be strong and you’ll find
You can climb any hill


Lyrics ©1998 – Ronnie Jeffrey
Music ©1999 – Chuck Brown
All rights reserved

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