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Tears In The Rain

I’ve seen things you wouldn’t believe
Like a smile as bright as the sunshine
I’d always heard ’bout the fortunes of love
When she came along, I thought I’d won mine

Walked ev’ry park
Holdin’ hands ev’ry step
Laughin’ ’bout bridges we’d crossed
But now that she’s changed
No more ‘home on the range’
All of those moments are lost

Like tears in the rain
She’s probably got herself a brand new name
Like tears in the rain
One feeds the other
There’s never a stain
I’m hangin’ on
But those moments are gone
Like tears in the rain

She says it hit like a bolt from the blue
She never expected a cyclone
The arms that once held her are so empty now
Cuz he took away the one love I’ve known

Just like the summer would melt into fall
And shivers the first sign of frost
The bein’ together thru ups and thru downs
All of those moments are lost


Treasure what you have
May not always be
When for granted turns forgotten
You may turn and find
You’ve been left behind

Lyrics ©1998 – Ronnie Jeffrey
Music ©1999 – Chuck Brown
All rights reserved

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