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Tear Down These Walls

Lookin for an answer
Lying ’round somewhere
Lost in many questions
How can this be fair?
Could you ever feel?
Could you ever know?
I need some time darlin’
To know which way to go

Tear down these walls
I need some time, baby
Tear down these walls
It’s not the end
Cuz I still believe in you and me
Just wanna be free to reach for my dreams

Tell me that you love me
Say you’ll still be there
When I try to make it out here on my own
Will you give me room now
In my quest to grow
Or will you abandon and leave me alone?


Love should not be a possession
Or a struggle for control
When will you see that love’s two hearts together growing strong?
Don’t you wait too long…

Words by Pamela Seagal
Music by Chuck Brown

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