She’s Grown Up Sad

It was last Christmas Eve
I was at the Walmart
A time for last minute shopping
Though I had just started

I saw my high school girl
Working the check out line
It was the first time I’d seen her
In a very long time

She’s grown up sad
She’s a wife and a mother
She can barely recall
All the good times we had
She’s got a husband
She says he don’t love her
I think it’s a pity
That a girl that pretty
Has grown up so sad

When she was seventeen
She could sure stop a clock
But now she’s got so many clocks
It’s hard to make them stop

She married at twenty
And she tried to love him
He gave her something to hope for
She gave him three children


Her friends all moved away
After graduation
But she stayed in the same small town
in a tough situation

I asked if she recalled
The time she spent with me
She turned away but not before
A tear ran down her cheek


Copyright 1999
Kent Newsome & Chuck Brown
All Rights Reserved

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Chuck Brown is likely to be the most multi-faceted musician you’ll discover this year. Based in Central Ohio, Brown plays piano and writes songs in a wide variety of styles. He has the type of free-flowing musicality it takes to be equally at home in different genres and has a natural feel for diversity. He is known around the world… [read more]

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