Nothing Rhymes With Love

I wanna write a love song. but today the words won’t flow
I stare down at this empty page as frustration starts to grow
I’m desperate for a way to say what’s clearly in my heart
I just want to say “I love you”, but I don’t know where to start

Cuz nothing rhymes with love tonite
Or it seems that way to me
I try and try, but nuthin’s right
Though I just can’t let it be
I settle on some lovely theme
But it comes out trite cliche
And all the rhymes for love, it seems
Have been sung before, anyway

I look for inspiration at your picture on the wall
I write a word, I hum a tune
But it doesn’t work at all
Memories buzz around me of our many happy times
I know what I want to tell you
But I just can’t find the rhyme


My eraser’s wearin’ thin
I’ve started version nine
A dozen verses in my head
Only finished seven lines
A chorus and a bridge I’ll add
If I ever hear the muse
The genre’s undecided
But I know I’ve got the blues


But there’s one last line I’d like to try
If you don’t mind this cliche
You’re always in my dreams and I…
Love you more than words can say

Words by John T. Hagius
Music by Chuck Brown

About Chuck Brown

Chuck Brown is likely to be the most multi-faceted musician you’ll discover this year. Based in Central Ohio, Brown plays piano and writes songs in a wide variety of styles. He has the type of free-flowing musicality it takes to be equally at home in different genres and has a natural feel for diversity. He is known around the world… [read more]

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