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Misty Dreams

I dreamt of you again last night
Of willowed walks and candlelight
Til summer’s morning dawns its night
Born dew again
On misty dreams of you again

Thru summer’s heat, the soothing showers
And fragrant bloom of midnight flowers
Enveloped all the dreamswept hours I spent with you
In misty dreams again with you

Some may linger in morning light
Their nights but mirror the dawn
Dreamers aren’t held to reality
Twilight leads us on

Down ageless halls of dreams sublime
Where lovers love and poets rhyme
I held you closer than the time allowed me to
In misty dreams of now with you

I wake and reach to touch your hair
Surprised, somehow, when you’re not there
Til all my longings, like the air
Go still and blue
But misty dreams were filled with you

Words by John T. Hagius
Music by Chuck Brown

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