It looks like Makris is leaving
She’s gonna check out for a while
I’ve seen it coming for some time
Staying put just isn’t her style

An overheard conversation
I could tell she was making plans
When a woman’s made up her mind
It’s sometimes hard to understand

So I guess I’ll never know
Why she thinks she has to go
But if she leaves I wish her well
Oh, Makris I’ll never tell

I bet she’ll go to New Braunfels
Maybe get a job at Gruene Hall
She’ll rent a place without a phone
So she won’t ever have to call

And on the first sunny weekend
She’ll float on down the Guadalupe
Surrounded by the sacred waters
In a big old black innertube


Maybe when she reaches shore
She’ll think about me
Or maybe she’ll follow that river
All the way to the sea


Copyright 1999
Kent Newsome & Chuck Brown
All Rights Reserved

About Chuck Brown

Chuck Brown is likely to be the most multi-faceted musician you’ll discover this year. Based in Central Ohio, Brown plays piano and writes songs in a wide variety of styles. He has the type of free-flowing musicality it takes to be equally at home in different genres and has a natural feel for diversity. He is known around the world… [read more]

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