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Love The Way You Love

‘Mama, how do you know it’s love?
Are there signs in the stars above?’
A little girl was dreaming…now it seems so long ago
And she grew up chasing rainbows
But there was no pot of gold
How her world had grown cold…

Since you came into my life
All my hopes had been revived
I have seen…you fill up a part of me
Tenderly you kiss the hurt away
And here I’ll stay…
How I love the way you love

Oh, I hated what I’d become
Just a victim of other loves
Like a fool who knows no better
I had pushed my heart aside
Resigned to the reality
That only the strong survive
I was barely alive…


Well, they say you get so many chances
Then love runs out for good
But I know they never met someone like you
And it was only in my dreams (in my dreams)
That I could let me heart fly free (set it free)
In the hope that I could find a love so true

©1997 – Chuck Brown

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