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Isn’t That Somethin’?

I was mindin’ my own business
When you sashayed thru the room
But the perfume you were wearin’
Knocked my senses to the moon

I don’t fall for love too often
I don’t go for one-night stands
It ain’t safe to let your guard down
So why on earth did I put my heart in your hands?

Isn’t that somethin’ in your eyes
That puts me in a trance
That somethin’ women seem to find
When they’re itchin’ for romance
Isn’t that somethin’ I forgot I never missed
I’m unable to resist
Isn’t that somethin’…?

I had planned on bein’ lonesome
These old habits hard to break
But the closer you keep comin’
How much thirst can one man take?

You’re dressed to kill and I am dyin’
My resistance cavin’ in
Cuz your power is terrifyin’
And your lips are puttin’ goosebumps on my skin


Lyrics ©1996-8 – Ronnie Jeffrey
Music ©1999 – Chuck Brown
All rights reserved

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