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Chasin’ Rainbows

Got a picture of the perfect life
Upon his bedroom wall
He’s wrapped up in his kids and wife
And his music says it all
Now if he’s been away awhile
He’s sure to be back soon
Cuz he’s been out chasin’ rainbows
To wrap around his tune

He’s out chasin’ rainbows and gatherin’ up the day
Pickin’ thru the memories and makin’ some to play
The smiles are rainin’ down on him
From up above, they say
Cuz, man, he’s chasin’ rainbows to give them all away

It’s the best of life he’s after
And he knows the chase is on
Guitar slung ’round his back
He’ll run that color down
Now if you see him ’round somewhere
Rumpled shirt and messy hair
Grinnin’ bout from ear to ear
Tell him that we’re always here


Words by Dan Gray
Music by Chuck Brown

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