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Yellowberry Jam

When I was young and came to eat
There were some foods that made me squeak
Hard to slip them quietly
‘Round the tongue into the tummy

Then my mama said to me
She had something especially
Good for food that’s hard to eat
Makes it all taste yummy

Yellowberry Jam, Yellowberry Jam
Comes in a jar, can’t find it in a can
Made down South by a guy named Sam
Got to have my Yellowberry Jam

It’s not too tart and not too sweet
Great with veggies and great with meat
Stir a little sauce, a topping or a dip
It’s extra good with chili
Not too spicy, not too bland
Lop it on a taco, glaze it on a ham
Scoop it on salad or dab it with fruit
Mix it up with macaroni


Spinach, liver…Yellowberry Jam
Asparagus, broccoli…Yellowberry Jam
Brussels sprouts, mushrooms…Yellowberry Jam
Sauerkraut, yams….Yelllowberry Jam!


Now as my hair begins to gray
My own kids come to eat each day
Watch them squirming in their seats
Over foods made for their tummy

Then I tell them, “Yes, it’s true”
Here’s a secret just for you
For all the food that’s hard to eat
Makes it all taste yummy


© Chuck Brown — All rights reserved

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