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The Perfect Food

There’s a war goin’ on inside my brain
If this keeps up, I think I’ll go insane
A battle for supremacy is ragin’
There must be a victor…a true champ
Who gets their picture on a postage stamp
It’s the level of popularity I’m gaugin’
Who ya gonna vote for? What’s your favorite?
If they close the grocery store…whatcha leavin’ with?
What’s your choice for All-Time Perfect Food?
On the one hand, you’ve got ice cream
Cool and smooth and oh so fine
On the other is peanut butter
Spreadable, edible anytime
Which one’s mine?…I can’t decide

Now you can mix your ice cream with almost any favor
Why stop at 31?
There must be thousands you can savor
It’s great with chocolate, butterscotch or Tang
You scoop, you shape it, you swirl it all around
Toppings lightly sprinkled or piled into mounds
You can spoon it rather slowly or stir it into soup
It makes a great goop
Everybody screams….for ice cream

Now, George W. Carver was a man
I stand in awe…my hat in hand
When I ponder what his sense of vision wrought
Others were happy just to spread the fat
But he though there must be something better than that
It was a nutty idea that turned from tan to gold
There must be trillions sold
Peanut butter, you can spread it with ease
Top it off with jelly or with the fruit of bees
It goes great in a sack lunch
Whip it up in a Jif there, Skippy
And you’ll be flyin like old Peter Pan
There’s no better plan
Than bread and crackers and a tub of peanut butter
Grab your sisters, your brothers, your father and mother
Let’s have a feast…it’s neither last nor least
It’s roof-stickin’, spoon-lickin’ good….peanut butter

So dat’s the scoop…there’s two contenders
Which will you choose?…with either one we’re winners
Let’s take a vote and then…order in some pizza
Oh no, that’s three!…oh man, I need a brand new song
This one’s already runnin’ way to long
I gotta stop and make myself a major plan
Before this thing gets outta hand
But how to stop…what do I do, my friend?
Hmmm…The End

© Chuck Brown – All rights reserved

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