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Sunshine Sunny

Well, my neighbor had a favorite pet
A lovely flop-eared bunny
She kept him in a cage out back
And she called him Sunshine Sunny
Now, the tale I’m about to tell
Is sad, but I think I must
Tell you all about the day
That Sunshine bit the dust

It was early on a summer eve
With a warm wind from the south
When I saw my dog, a long-haired mutt
With Sunny in his mouth
He just hung there kinda limp
Fur caked with earth and mud
Limbs askew and lifeless eyes
And ears stained with his blood

I was shocked and mortified
Imagine if you will
My horror at this gruesome sight
It gives me nightmares still
What would my poor neighbor say?
She’d be much more than upset
When I broke to her the news of how
My dog had killed her pet
(My dog had killed her pet)

So I took Sunny in
Washed his fur and blew it dry
He looked real nice when I was done
Brought a teardrop to my eye
Crept across my neighbor’s lawn
And opened up his cage
And I laid him out real peaceful
Like he’d just died of old age

Next day my neighbor came around
Red-eyed and filled with grief
She said something had happened
Which was far beyond belief
“Yesterday my Sunny died
So I buried him, you see
But it seems last night someone dug him up
And brought him back to me
Yeah, it seems last night someone dug him up
And brought him back to me”

Words by John T. Hagius
Music by Chuck Brown

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