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No Hoops

There are no hoops you have to jump thru
There’s no race that you must win
It’s as simple as admitting that you need him
Cuz if it’s earned by what you’ve done
There is none here, no not one
Who has loved enough to earn the love of God

Help a granny cross the street
Always clean your room
Wash up all the dishes, then help dry
Make straight A’s when you’re in school
Watch your parents smile
But there’s one thing your good deeds can’t buy


Share your love with someone else
Take some time to pray
Think of others’ needs instead of yours
Everyone will love you
They might hand you some award
But there’s one thing brownie points can’t score


All the money in the world
And all of our great deeds
Don’t mean half as much to God
As when a proud heart hits its knees
Heart, hit your knees… (3x)


Words and Music
by Chuck Brown

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