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Inside These Pages

Got my ticket, time to kick it
Cuz I’m leavin soon
Destinations, imaginations
I’m shootin for the moon
I might be setting sail with Chris Columbus
Or stealing second base
Deep sea diving, cattle driving
I’ll go anyplace!

It’s my favorite way to travel…but where to go today?
I could solve a case with Sherlock or build Rome in a day
I might race in the Iditerod or tour the Middle Ages
It’s a special kind of life inside these pages

I can curl up almost anywhere
Find a cozy spot
All I need’s some peace and quiet
Not too cold or hot
Feel the ‘woosh’ as pages turn
Such onomatopoeia
I’m drinking ’til I’m satisfied
At the fountain of ideas

There’s a certain kind of magic you can only find in books
You plant a little seed ev’ry time you read

© Chuck Brown – All rights reserved – Lyrics by Chuck Brown, Music by Jay Lowder

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