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God Made Hugs For Two

No matter how I stretch and bend, if I was rubber from end to end
To hug myself, I’d tug and pull, but my arms would never be really full
Cuz God made hugs for two…
A pillow won’t do it, they’re much too flat
And blankets have no arms like that
Stuffed animals, they have no breath
Like boys named Kenny and girls named Beth
But God made hugs for two…

I know that God made hugs for two
I’m glad that counts both me and you
For huggin’ and snugglin’ and cuddlin’ too
God made hugs for two

For best of friends, for people you’ve missed
For ev’ryone on your christmas card list
For grammas and grandpas and uncles and aunts
For people in jammies and dresses and pants
God made hugs for two…
They’re soft and warm when you’re too cold
You’ll love ’em whether you’re young or old
They’re great when you’re happy and better when you’re sad
They’re even good when you’re feelin’ mad
God made hugs for two…


ONE…(too lonely and just no fun…)
TWO…(just perfect, much better than one)
THREE…(that’s fine for a minute or two)
FOUR…(can’t reach around you and you and you!)


©1995 – Chuck Brown
All rights reserved

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