Well, I’m not comin’ back to Galapagos
When it’s time for my next vacation
Cuz everyone is runnin’ from some predator
It’s not a great place for relaxation
You think you’ll ring up room service for some grub
They’ve got anchovies, but no pizza
Yeah, it’s a real pretty place and there’s lots of space
But I think iguana go to Disneyland instead

There’s a bunch of little islands way out in the sea
And they’re filled with amazing creatures
Like the blue-footed boobies with their musical toots
Or the baby iguanas, watch ‘em scamper and scoot
But when you stretch out with a cold drink to catch some rays
Don’t be surprised if you get carried away
Cuz there’s lotsa volcanoes love to spray their goo
Just make sure it doesn’t land on you


If you’re comin’ here for science, this is paradise
Cuz there’s no other place quite like it
And if you’re happy sleepin’ in a tent, it’s extra nice
Surely it’s a bargain, even twice the price
But if you’re used to vacationing at the Ritz
Being waited on hand and foot while you sit
I hope a penguin in tuxedo gets it done for you
And you like chattin’ with the sea lions lyin’ ’round your pool

Hey-o, see the tide roll in
Hey-o, rollin out again
Hey-o, sit down on that rock
Hey-o, whoa, these rocks can walk!
“Whaddaya doin’ sittin’ on that shell?”
“Get off that tortoise ‘fore he rings your bell!”

© Chuck Brown – All rights reserved

About Chuck Brown

Chuck Brown is likely to be the most multi-faceted musician you’ll discover this year. Based in Central Ohio, Brown plays piano and writes songs in a wide variety of styles. He has the type of free-flowing musicality it takes to be equally at home in different genres and has a natural feel for diversity. He is known around the world… [read more]

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