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Count all the species in the world…of every five you’re one
You’re not my favorite playmates…but some of you are fun, yeah
From half an inch to half a foot…too many to consider
But how’d ya get those crazy names that set our tongues a-twitter?
You got your bark beetles, click beetles, weevils and jewels
At home in rotting logs, or deeply-wooded pools
Whirligigs, ladybirds, chafers and stags
Underneath my kitchen sink, in old paper bags

Coleoptera, Coleoptera
A beetle by any other name would smell more sweet
Coleoptera, Coleoptera
Got a leaf around here somewhere you can eat

Well, my favorite kind of beetle…though I didn’t know you were
Is the wondrous little firefly…your light so soft and pure
I love your bioluminescence…and I love how slow you are
So I can cup you in my hand…and pop you in a jar-o
Luciferin, luciferase…and a touch of ATP
You’re stirrin’ up a glow, my friend, that’s mesmerizing me


I have to mention scarabs
Ya wacky dung beetles…ya wacky dung beetles
You make the best, whatever’s left
When everybody’s gone…when they’re gone


© Chuck Brown – All rights reserved

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