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Bunny Baby

Basketball players would give all their money
If they could jump like you
Cuz even though you’re tiny, you can jump ten feet
Just imagine what they could do
If you could carry a football, run those zig-zag patterns
You’d be all-pro every year
Yeah, you’re a buck or a doe
With a bewitching nose
And the most spectacular ears

You’re a bunny, baby
Buh-buh-buh bunny, baby
You’re a warm little ball of fur
You teach me so much
And you love gentle touches
Though I thought only cats could purr
You’re a bunny, baby
Buh-buh-buh bunny, baby
You’re my favorite kind of pet
You don’t love to be held
But when you snuggle up beside me
Life’s as good as it can get

Are you the perfect solution to the dandelion problem?
Well, you sure love to eat those leaves
Carrots and cabbage and all sorts of greens
You’re a veggie-eatin’ machine
And yeah, I know you like your sugar
But you’re sweet enough already
So a nibble is more than plenty
And I know 10 years with you is the most I can expect
But I sure wish you’d stay for twenty…


Words and Music
by Chuck Brown

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