There’s a few folks around, they’re convinced that it’s cool
For their hair to appear just like they jumped in a pool
Kinda stringy, kinda dark, kinda wet, kinda flat
But you won’t catch me with a head like that…

Cuz I’m a bubble…I’m a bubble-bubble
I’m a B-U-B-B-L-E head
I’m just a Bubblehead
And my schnozz is a-sniffin’ just hopin’ for a whiffin’
Of some fine-smellin’, clear-jellin’, strand-swellin’ goo…
It’s finger-tinglin’ good…shampoo!

I got a friend named Fred, wears a cap on his head
Cuz he can’t find a way to wash his locks every day
So he pulls his cap down and he spins it around
‘Til his hair disappears
But where’s his eyebrows and ears?


You can choose herbal or spice
Makes hair squeaky and nice
This one’s hard to do wrong
Wish I could do it all day long…!


© Chuck Brown – All rights reserved

About Chuck Brown

Chuck Brown is likely to be the most multi-faceted musician you’ll discover this year. Based in Central Ohio, Brown plays piano and writes songs in a wide variety of styles. He has the type of free-flowing musicality it takes to be equally at home in different genres and has a natural feel for diversity. He is known around the world… [read more]

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