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A Friend Like You

There was a young fella named Jonathan
He didn’t have it so bad
His daddy was king of the nation
Whatever he wanted, he had…
Jon was a fine young man, it seemed
Didn’t have to push too hard to dream
Was a pretty fair chance that he himself

Would wear the crown someday… But there was an old fella named Samuel
He didn’t seem to agree
He said that God wanted David instead
I’d-a been mad if it was me
Now David was a hero to many
Brought the Philistines to their knees
Jonathan coulda been jealous
But he made a friend, not an enemy…

I wanna be friends with you and make it last forever
I wanna be friends with you though sometimes we’re apart
Whether we’re just lazin’ ’round
Or when there’s lots to do
I wanna be friends
Cuz I never had a friend
A friend as fine as you

Now old King Saul was not a jolly soul
In fact, he was kinda mean
His fits of temper had made him sick
His headaches were elephantine
When David came and sang for him
His wonderful songs to God
Saul was pleased, his pains were eased
And off to sleep he’d nod…

So David was brought to the palace to live
He and Jon had lots of time
They spent their days doin’ things they loved
There were bows to shoot and rocks to climb
Jonathan gave him precious gifts
A shepherd boy could not afford
Imagine David’s joy
When Jonathan gave him his best sword!


As the king grew old and mad
His mind was slipping away
Jonathan saved his best friend’s life
By helping him escape
The king’s song and the shepherd’s boy
A most unlikely pair
Yet still today we talk about
This friendship deep and rare


1998 – Chuck Brown
All rights reserved

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