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The Big Love

Lotsa people use the word “love”
But they don’t seem to know what it really means to love
You can search all over the world
Like you’re trying to find the fountain of youth and not find love
Here on earth, we’re all a bunch of mirrors
Smudged and cracked, at best we’re just reflectin’…

Only place you’re gonna find what you are looking for
Flows from the heart of Jesus
All the time we spend trying to cover our blemishes
He loves us though he sees us
Not human love
No, not the kind of love that just gives to get its way
Its holy love
The kind of love that God showed the world when Jesus came

Funny how we use the word “love”
It’s the medicine that magically eases every pain
Everybody wants to grow up
Finding their true love
But where does love go when you’re not so pretty
Nor a genius, nor have lotsa money?

There will come a time in your life
When that someone who you thought really loved you lets you down
You may feel a pain in your heart when you think of love
Or maybe someday, you’re the disappointment
You’re not there for someone when they need you

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