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Stronger Hand

When I’m feelin’ like a little child, hiding deep within myself
Like an unused toy left abandoned on a shelf
When my hopes have been uprooted
And my dreams are thrown away
When there’s nothin’ left to live for
And there’s nothin’ more to say

I need a stronger hand
Someone who can
Reach in my heart without tearin’ me apart
I need a stronger hand
Someone to stand close by my side
When I wanna run and hide
I need a stronger hand

When my life and love are given
And there’s nothing in return
When I try to do my best
But there’s always more to learn
Though my friends try to console me
And to give me what I need
They try to mend and heal me
But my heart is left to bleed


The tragic times I fool myself
Thinking I’m so strong
Reality breaks in and proves my confidence wrong
When I look for strength outside myself
Instead of looking in
I find there’s One to help me
Who’s there time and time again


Words by Jim Turner
Music by Chuck Brown

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