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Light Of The World

This was my life, on a treadmill run
Goin’ nowhere…and didn’t care
Powerless though I’d tried to cope
Somewhere behind I’d lost my hope
Felt I was fallin’…

Suddenly you pulled the curtain back
Light in my eyes, I could not see
Then you began to sing to me
Couldn’t believe you’d make me free
I can’t believe such love

Light-bringer, love-singer
Can your message change the world?
How can the truth be so simple?
Light of the world

Darkening clouds, seems they’re movin’ in
How will this light shine through the rain?
How can love come when feelings go?
Or will this song be silenced…no!
Don’t want to lose it

Suddenly you showed the way of love
Giving to meet the deepest need
You’ve walked this road, you know the score
Now through my life, you’re giving more
Like you gave your life for me…


In him was life
And the life was the light
The life was the light of men

And the light shines in the darkness
And the darkness does not overpower it
Yeah, the light shines in the darkness
Let your light shine on me


Words by Chuck Brown
Music by Tom Niehus

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