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Chuck Brown: Incandescence

Produced by Chuck Brown
String Arrangements by Stephen Bashaw
Mixed and Mastered by Tom Boyer
Cover Illustration by April Smith

“Incandescence” is Chuck Brown’s third solo piano release, and his ninth album to date. Comfortable working in many styles and genres of music, Brown’s piano style is easy and relaxed without resorting to ear candy. Some of the thirteen tracks are piano only, and others have string arrangements by Steve Bashaw. Brown also adds embellishments on electric guitar, bass, electric piano, and drums. Several of the pieces were composed as songs with lyrics, so there is a very strong sense of melody. The music is intended “for those who are going through tough times due to illness, loss of loved ones, or any other type of personal pain,” providing a warm and soothing respite. More reflective than melancholy, the music contains feelings of hope and comfort – like a nice long musical hug. All of the compositions are very easy and pleasant to listen to, but “Majoring In the Minors” really stands out for me. More rhythmic and upbeat than the other tracks, I find myself going back to it again and again. The title refers to the shifting from minor to major modes, not baseball! I also really like “Dark Matter,” a somber and somewhat mysterious piece that is more orchestrated than most of the tracks. Mournful and deeply moving, it’s a real beauty. “Early Morning Snowfall” opens the CD, a light and gentle piece full of warmth and comfort. The title track shimmers with a tranquil flow. “Misty Dreams” is an optimistic piano solo, serene and delicate, that seems to reassure that everything is going to be okay. “Sweetness and Light” is also warm and sunny with a lovely melody and gentle strings in the background. “Hearts Stronger Than Steel” was composed a couple of days after the 9/11 disaster, and is a tribute to the heroes who sacrificed their own lives to save others. The melting of the steel beams brought the buildings down, but “not the noble hearts of these heroes.” The electric guitar and rhythm track intensify the piece, but seem just a bit out of place in the context of the rest of the CD. It’s a powerful and emotional piece, just not as soothing and peaceful as most of the rest of the album. “Incandescence” is a very enjoyable listening experience, and can be purchased from,, and The cover artwork is also exceptional!
Kathy Parsons
Solo Piano Publications

Customer Comments

“[My husband] put Chuck’s CD in my CD player without telling me…which is no big deal EXCEPT when I hit Play the most beautiful sounds filled my kitchen. What a blessing! I WILL share this CD with friends, making them sign a promise of their first born if I don’t get it back…” – Debby

“Helluva great album…your best yet.” – Fred

“This album has been awarded a rating of A+++ by a distinguished panel of ‘judge’.” – Ann

“Today I am unpacking, and doing my “stuff” around the house and your beautiful CD is playing and it is making me very happy. Just love it. My kind of music.” – Sue

“I was getting back to EBA work today and slipped the CD Incandescence into my Honda CD drive. I was immediately refreshed. It is lovely and relaxing. Thanks.” – Bruce

“I really like that CD…the music is great for Sunday a.m. listening. Very relaxing.” – Lynn

“I fell in love with the song ‘Dark Matter’. I later listened to it at home and it moved me to tears. His mission of using music as a means to soothe the soul has been accomplished with me.”
– Jane

“You should be proud, you expose your heart very well.” – Joe

“Very comforting and peaceful music!” – Tracy

“I love your melodies, Chuck. But being a guitar player I also really enjoy the chord progressions and the contrasting of majors and minors that you use. Thanks for an enjoyable experience.” – Jim

“…absolutely gorgeous, sensitive piano music that captured my attention…” – Dave