In this culture, we practically worship great singers. There is truly something special in the power and passion of the human voice, especially when delivered with great skill. We were blessed by some amazing vocalists on our project….from the young lady who sang like an angel…to the jazz scat singer who distinguished himself in so many ways…to the rapper who laid out the stylish lines of truth in the middle of “Praise Him”. There were so many highlights on the album that we can’t mention them all…but certainly the vocals are among the most obvious. In the pictures below…who sang what? Dave Absalomsang “Hosanna”, Kim Rattan sang “One Thing” and “Have You Seen This Child?”, D. Skite sang “The Big Love!”, “Bad Fruit” and rapped “Is This The Man?” and “Light of the World”. Noelle McClelland (now Shearer) sang “A Love Like Yours” and “You Never Know”. Cynthia Hale sang “Praise Him” and “Light of the World”, John McCollum sang the other lead on “Praise Him”. Johnny B sang “One True Love”. Sadly, we didn’t get a picture of Donna Mogavero, who absolutely tore it up on “No Other Gods”…but you can see a pic of her here.


These are some of the lead singers for The Grace Project:

(top row, L to R) Dave Absalom, Kim Rattan, D. Skite

(middle row, L to R) D.Skite, Dave Absalom, Noelle McClelland

(bottom row) Cynthia Hale, John McCollum, John Bolzenius