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Big Love Album – Lyrics

A Love Like Yours

(Chuck Brown/Tom Niehus)

I have watched a thousand shows and I have heard a million rhymes
I have read a hundred stories, heard it sung a billion times
All the energy, creativity, all the passion and the prose
Used in crying for, even dying for, a love that comes and goes

But a love like yours can break a heart, yet never leave it broken
Yes, a love like yours can make the dying new
And a love like yours can only give, never stops until its thru
For a love like yours…can only come from you

Human love is always fragile, but your love is always full
All the loves I’ve known were takers, and in time they took their toll
Temporary love, unforgiving love, drowns in bitterness and fear
But your living love, undemanding love, has found a home right here

Long before I even dared dream, you were planning for me
And you gave your life to show me

© Ariose Music (ASCAP)/Shepherd’s Fold Music (BMI)

One Thing

(Chuck Brown)

One thing I have desired of the Lord and that will I seek after
That I may dwell in his house all the days of my life
And behold the beauty of the Lord

In times of trouble, he will hide me there
Safe in the secret of his temple
He will set me on a rock
So my head will be higher than the heads of my enemies around me

Therefore, I will offer up my sacrifice of praise unto the Lord in his temple
Therefore will I sing, I will sing songs of praise unto the Lord

© Grandma Katherine’s Music (BMI)

One True Love

(Randy Stonehill)

You might spin til you’re dizzy, just tryin to stay alive
But you’re so busy hustlin, you never arrive
Don’t try bein a loner, cuz that’s your first mistake
Go on once and admit that you need a break, well, we all need a break

You need one true love, someone who’s always there
Don’t try to act like you don’t care

Blind men look at creation and call it circumstance
They treat life like a gamble and leave it to chance
Some say love’s an illusion, don’t be the wise man’s fool
They just wind up with nothin’ by playin the fool

© 1980 – King of Hearts (BMI)

Is This The Man?

(Chuck Brown)

Well, the Lord has called it to my attention
That our reason for being is intervention
Into a world that’s been possessed by pain

All the legal mumbo-jumbo has been worked out
And there’s no more room for fear or doubt
We serve in the name of the one true king who reigns


There’s a devil walkin round and he’s makin noise
Showin the girls and boys all his trinkets and toys
He’ll swear to serve you the world for just a song
So when he tells you it belongs to him
Just break a big slap-happy grin
And say, ‘That’s for sure, but not for long!”

© Grandma Katherine’s Music (BMI)

Bad Fruit

(Randy Stonehill)

Rushin towards oblivion, like lemmings to the sea
We stumble thru this lifetime and call it being free
But knowing where you’re going, and who you’re meant to be
That’s what freedom means to me

We’re all born with a hunger we just can’t seem to feed
And all the things we struggle for, they’re not the things we need
But the man who seeks the lord of life will find his life indeed
Satisfaction guaranteed

Don’t eat-a that bad fruit
Don’t drink-a that sweet wine
It may look great from a distance, but it gets you every time
Don’t wait for tomorrow
Grab hold-a that lifeline
There’s someone dying to love you
And he sings the sweetest song
And that’s where you belong

History repeats itself, our troubles never end
And each new generation just fouls it up again
You’d think that we’d get awfully tired of going where we’ve been
What a shabby state we’re in

Love can fill the hole in your soul
Watch your life begin again
Go on and let the master have control
Open your heart, you’ve found a friend

© 1980 – King of Hearts (BMI)


(Tim Sheppard)

(lyrics removed by publisher request)

Praise Him

(Chuck Brown)

Praise him every day, praise him every hour
Praise him for the love he’s given to us, praise him for his power
Praise him to the world, praise him to his face
Praise him for the love he’s given to us, praise him for his grace

He’s the only one whose wounds can heal our pain
He’s the only one whose blood can cleanse the stain

Praise him with the drums, praise him with the strings
Praise him for the love he’s given to us, praise him when you sing
Praise him in the night, praise him in the day
Praise him for the love he’s given to us, praise him when you pray

He’s the only one who’s conquered death and sin
He’s the holy one who comes to live within
Praise him when you work, praise him when you’re done
Praise him for the love he’s given to us, praise him for his son

Praise him everyone, just lift up your hands
He loves us even though we don’t keep his commands
Praise him for the things he’s done, because we’re all his
Praise him though the words can’t describe who he is
Praise him with the instrument you find in your hand
Praise him with a solo voice or with a band
Praise him with a single note or with a chord
If you got breath just praise the Lord

Praise him every day, praise him every hour
Praise him for the love he’s given to us, praise him for his power

© Grandma Katherine’s Music (BMI)

Light of the World

(Chuck Brown/Tom Niehus)

This was my life, on a treadmill run
Goin nowhere and didn’t care
Powerless though I’d tried to cope
Somewhere behind I’d lost my hope
Felt I was fallin…

Suddenly you pulled the curtain back
Light in my eyes, I could not see
Then you began to sing to me
Couldn’t believe you’d make me free
I can’t believe such love

Light-bringer, Love-singer
Can your message change the world?
How can the truth be so simple?
Light of the world

Darkening clouds, seems they’re moving in
How can this light shine thru the rain?
How can love come when feelings go?
Or will this song be silenced…no!
Don’t want to lose it

Suddenly you showed the way of love
Giving to meet the deepest need
You’ve walked this road, you know the score
Now thru my life, you’re giving more
Like you gave your life for me

© Grandma Katherine’s Music (BMI)

No Other Gods

(Brian Doerksen)

Lord, break the power of idols
Come and rule as king
Break the chains that bind us
Come and rule as king

We will have no other gods
We will serve no other master but you
We will have no other gods
For it is written, “Worship the Lord your God and serve him only.

“© 1992 – Mercy/Vineyard Publishing (adm. by Music Services).All right reserved (ASCAP)

Have You Seen This Child? (Version 3 – Gloria Gaither/Brent Rowan/Tom Niehus)

He had wandered from the home place the day he disappeared
Seeking independence and a thrill
He thought the rules were silly, he could take care of himself
Not knowing disobedience could kill
Or that lurking in the shadows, just waiting for a chance
Was the one who trades our innocence for pain
But before he even knew it, he had walked into a trap
As old and as predictable as Cain

Have you seen this child?
Have you seen this child?
The father will not rest until he’s home
Have you seen this child?
Have you seen this child?
Please find this missing child and bring him home

There’s no other child quite like him
There’s a birthmark on his face
And a certain way he swaggers when he walks
He looks quite like his father, though his clothing may be torn
And has the accent of his homeland when he talks
If you knew how much we miss him, how his family wants him back
How they wait for any word of him to come
How they watch the far horizon for the image of their son
You would help us find this child and bring him home

© Gaither Music Co./Meadowgreen Music Co./Wing & A Prayer Music Co.All rights reserved. Used by permission.

The Big Love!

(Chuck Brown)

Lotsa people use the word “love”
But they don’t seem to know what it really means to love
You can search all over the world
Like you’re trying to find the fountain of youth and not find love
Here on earth, we’re all a bunch of mirrors
Smudged and cracked, at best we’re just reflectin’…

Only place you’re gonna find what you are looking for
Flows from the heart of Jesus
All the time we spend trying to cover our blemishes
He loves us though he sees us
Not human love
No, not the kind of love that just gives to get its way
Its holy love
The kind of love that God showed the world when Jesus came…the big love!

Funny how we use the word “love”
It’s the medicine that magically eases every pain
Everybody wants to grow up
Finding their true love
But where does love go when you’re not so pretty
Nor a genius, nor have lotsa money?

There will come a time in your life
When that someone who you thought really loved you lets you down
You may feel a pain in your heart when you think of love
Or maybe someday, you’re the disappointment
You’re not there for someone when they need you

© Grandma Katherine’s Music (BMI)

You Never Know

(Chuck Brown)

You never know where you will be
In a year or two or three
Lord, don’t let me waste this day
Will my circumstance be good?
Or will I be misunderstood?
Lord, don’t let me waste this day

If my visit to this rock in space
Should end before I wake
I wanna know I’ve made a lasting mark
For your sake

You never know where you will be
In a minute, two or three
Lord, don’t let me waste…
Help me find my place…
Lord, don’t let me waste this day

© Grandma Katherine’s Music (BMI)

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