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PUNCH, STING, RIFF!!…Nope…this isn’t an episode of vintage Batman! These are the horned wonders of The Grace Project. We were treated to a couple different squads of horn players…one an experienced studio quartet (Tim Perdue – trumpet, James Seitz – tenor sax, Christopher Burge – alto sax, and Christopher Cromley – trombone), and the other a group of eager new graduates of Capital University in Columbus (Dave Cary – alto sax, Ben Sherburne – tenor sax, Matt Smith – trombone and Bryan Bolyard – trumpet). Along with some sweet oboe from Dan Ripple, these guys added a great deal of energy to some of the funkier tunes on the album.




(top left) Matt Smith, Ben Shurburne, and Dave Cary

(top right) Dan Ripple

(middle left) Christopher Burge

(bottom left) Dave Cary, Bryan Bolyard

(bottom right) Christopher Cromley, James Seitz

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