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I’m Tired

My hands are heavy
My feet are tired
My arms fall to my side
It ain’t all it’s cracked-up to be
This runnin’ against the tide
The spirit is willin’
The flesh is weak
My legs don’t care what my lips may speak

And I’m tired
Of chasin’ the wind
Of boxin’ with shadows
Of feelin’ the pain
And I’m wired
With things I don’t trust
But I fear that without ’em
I’d just go insane
I’ve taken time to try
Believed until I cried
But the hope within me died
I can only take so much…

The miracle-workers
With their get-rich, get-right right-now bag o’ tricks
And the drink-to-drink party people
Braggin’ about
How they killed themselves for kicks
They leave me cold
And the way they rolled me
Doesn’t square with the bill of goods they sold me


Words & music by Chuck Brown – Waters Fine Music (BMI)

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